Wish Happy New Year In Advance To Your Friends, Faamily Members & Loved Ones Withe These Wishes!

Who wants to become first in any stream of life, they always do all the things in advance. Great personality quotes us “Kal Kare So Aaj Kar, Aaj Kare So Ab” means, do your work right now, which you are thinking to do tomorrow.  Leaving work or task on tomorrow is like going to hellish condition of life. Advance planning for the trip, advance booking, and advance thinking about your future and anything practical you do in advance, you will get success on the way. So from today onwards don’t postpone anything which you can do today itself.

Some government gives relief if you pay your taxes in advance. See there are lots of good incidents. If you take precautions of any work which required the critical situation to do it and full of madness to do, but still you can come out with a newer idea why because you are an advanced thinker on the situations too.  Sometimes your advance thinking idea can create a history. Why Albert Einstein got success in his work. overly we can say because of advance thinking Agree or not?

New Year wishes In Advance

Now days gone to postpone your work, there is a lots app which delivers your messages on the day and time you prefix for the receiver. This time got late, So set an alarm for sending advance wish.  Your advance wishes some time creates such a nice mood to enjoy entirely in different ways. Let’s welcome the innovative ideas of advancement too. Once you say Advance Happy New Year… to your loved one… they will be zooming from the moment you wish in advance…  with the use of technology you can become smarter and best enjoyed too.

We have concluded best of Advance Happy New Year Quotes, SMS. You will find all these in your preferred languages too. So why are you waiting for get your excited Advance funny SMS, Joke or wish? And we also wish you…  Advance Happy New Year.

  • Hope the New Year with it brings
    happiness for you and not a single tear drop
    Since everyone just loves you
    May all your problems, never again bother you
    This is my special New Year wish for you


  • I met love, health, peace & joy,
    They needed a permanent place to stay.
    I gave them your address
    hope they arrived safely
    “Happy New Year”


  • What do you need in the New Year?
    You need a dream;
    your dream needs an action;
    and your action needs right thinking!
    Without right thinking,
    you can have only unrealised dreams!



Your wish to your loved one on the occasion of New Year and if it is in advance what a surprise! The joy you feel that never ever can be defined by anyone.  When you will be using these Advance greetings; you will also find there is a queue to get top first who wished their friends in Advance.


So to become a Hero in the eyes of your special one or surprise your friend do use of Advance Happy New Year Quotes. We have come up with an ever fresh list of Advance wishes and SMS, which will let you be the highest first one.

We hope with the help of our Advance codes, surprisingly your life is going to change in the new direction. Once you enjoy these moments share with us, we will be the happiest person if you get enjoyed, we sure you get enjoyed because of our advancement on this blog too. Share with your colleagues too, let them also become advance.