Happy New Year Wishes for Family Members Latest Messages & Wishes!

New Year always brings something new to every man kind; our life runs behind the every new moments or New Year. There are joy, sorrow, loneliness, love, lust, pleasure, pride and other different emotions which are going to come and go, on its way. We each one individual has inner core sensitivity or ability to make sense through that; we really knows such and such things will be going to come, occur in our life. Warmness to those feelings we express our words to friends, relatives or beloved one say like Happy New Year. This three word sentence is not enough to describe what kind of happiness you are going to get in these New Year.

Happy New Year Wishes for Family Members

Once you wish New Year wishes to the one, in a fraction of seconds that person’s hearts fills with all those positive emotions which he is going to get in his hand. To wish someone means to greet them. All lovely relations made by God are amazing. Your love to your mother is different than your love to your life partner. God knew that you will be alone if other relatives not created. Such a smile come once you meet your family member and of course once you wish your family member you will get deeper feelingness of joy. You feel that they are your own; these feelings never ever can be described.

  • May the new year
    Bring these wishes to all of you
    Warmth of love, comfort of home
    Joy for your children,
    Company and support of family n friends
    A caring heart that accepts
    N treats all human beings equally
    Enrichment of knowledge n
    Richness of diversity
    Courage to seek n speak the truth
    Even if it means standing alone
    Hopes n dreams of a just world n
    The desire to make it happen
    A light to guide your path
    Helping hands to strengthen unity
    Serenity n peace within your mind,


  • You Are A Precious Gift
    From God Brother.
    I Wish To Offer
    My Happy New Year Wishes To You.
    May You Always Shine In Our Family,
    May You Be A Source Of Blessings
    To Our Family This Year


  • May This New Year Contain
    More Strands To Strengthen Your Family Bond
    And May You Find Love,
    Care And Happiness
    In Every Face Of Your Family Member
    So That Every Moment With Them
    Will Be Like A Moment With An Angel Of Joy.


  • As You Log Out Of Last Year
    And Login To This New Year,
    I Wish To Send You Happy New Year Wishes
    Full Of Success, Prosperity, Happiness And Joy.
    May This Be A Year Of Change Unto Your Life
    May God Give You Protection And Good Health
    So That You Live To See Other Years To Come

We in India, we feel our nation is a family. See the top most political position of the country is Prime Minister. You think what to read on Prime Minister but this is Incredible India. Understand the feeling of PM while wishing to its nation on New Year occasion. How is it? Wonderful? How PM feels is different, but if we, the nation-family member fills thrill. Such deeper feelings you can get on New Year eve only.


To get wished from other is very easy but to wish other is a good innovative idea. When you are wising heartily to somebody on the occasion of New Year means; your desired wish also going to come true. So enjoy our quotes and get blessed. If you find new story or get good-thing accorss, share your wish to us. And hope you will also going to share this blog to your colleague. Have a happy, healthy prosperous new year.

To short my brief we can say wishing to a family member is a getting bless from them as well as from the God. We have come up with the best, unparalleled, unique Happy New Year wishes for all Family Member. We have made a list based on our relationship with them to get best out of it while saying or while meaning it. So don’t hesitate say Happy New Year in next generation style and welcome all the positive energies from New Year.