Cute New Year Wishes & Greetings for Kids Latest 2018 Collection!

Nature has all the things in its palm, who don’t like first step of their child? How many steps you have walked from your birth? Can you count? Year after year we are walking, walking and walking… but truly speaking our parents has counted our step when we just started waking. Our First steps on this earth! You can Image how courage you have taken to come up? Or can say how much courage you are going to feed in your child to lead a life, year after year. As parents, we all are thinking this. This thinking only gives us strength to welcome New Year; as this New Year hope is going to be true to your baby’s life as well as your life. Your cute new year wishes is going to mark, Sorry a remarkable mark in the mind of your kids as they are in the learning stage.

Your well wish to your lovely baby has two side of coin. First one side is – your lovely baby will be in full of joy for the upcoming new year as you wished them; and another side is your promise to get your kid happiest moment throughout of the next entire year. Here your message New Year wish to your baby child is your promise to provide that.  It’s not just Happy New Year, not only three words; it has a thousand of bonding to it.

New Year Wishes Quotes for Kids and Children

The cost of one smile of your baby is million, billion not countable at all. Your New Year quotes for them are a dream of, ocean of more and more something. Ways to welcome new upcoming year with your kids is a great joy. Kids are all after. Throughout the year what for we are doing this all things? These all for our baby; for our next generation; for their steps to New Year after New Year.

There are thousands of cute New Year wishes, images and melody quotes for your kids. But we have filtered and mentioned below to get your ever fresh, unique and versatile messages. You will feel proud and we sure you will also going to make a promise to your kid after revelling these quotes to your baby.


To just say Happy New Year is very easy to any unknown person too, but to once you wish to your baby has a deeper meaning. Your wish, blessing and opinion come true! That only is the life of your litter one. To get enhancement living we all are on the way to welcome year after year. Once you kiss on your baby forehead, your wish is over. Your wish to someone, your part of body, a baby will take rest over here only. Find all unparallel quotes and share with newly become parents.

Hope you will never ever searching phrases you will find here, year after year, Happy New Year to you too…