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Heart Touching New Year Sad Quotes and Sayings About Love & Life!

Do you know why 31st December is coming every year, my feeling is because you let go your all wrong going or bitter period and think on full of new wish with new innovative ideas to lead a new upcoming year life. To give courage or encourage your love on the occasion of New Year with New Year Sad Quotes is a good idea.

Has your luck not been proven up to your thinking of mark in this entire year? Have you lost your relationship or you lose your loved one? Lots of miss-happening come your way to this year? You may have tears in your eyes due to your friends none happening work. Tears and sorrow fill your life, with no more hope on this year. Sometimes it happens when our heart says No! No! No! I don’t want this life to live, because of your luck or your astrology starts were not supported, due to that, you are getting lots of trouble.

New Year Sad Quotes & Sayings

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